I’ve been an artist all my life. From very young people told me I was good in painting and stuff like that. But where I come from, we didn’t take our talents seriously enough to make it a lifestyle. We had to survive in the system.

I’ve been creative all my life and I’m an entrepreneur since almost 20 years. After 45 years of working hard and using my creativity in helping people, it might be the right time to give more room to create my kind of art.

I’ve written a book, many articles and blogs. I’ve been a trainer and teacher for many years and I might write some more about what I’ve been studying most of my life: Human beings. What are we? How did we come to be what we are? Why are most of us a mess and have we created a mess? And where the hell do we come from? Who made us like this? Why do we know so little about ourselves?

I’ve been travelling to weird places like Delphi, Stonehenge, Damanhur and Hawaii to discover and do weird things. Because I’m a curious girl and always (not always, but very often) have been asking questions.

Naturally I became a therapist and teacher and trainer. I never aspired to become a teacher, but it happened. I was always studying, so everytime again I came to share what I had studied. I wanted to understand people and so I had to study the mind and people’s behaviour, which I did very practically. And so I specialized in trauma and helping people to heal from traumatic experiences. There’s more to write about that and reason to share my thoughts.

Meanwhile I create more stuff, like orgonite with metals, gemstones, earth and dirt, clay, sand, etc. And keep on iconografy, because I love to learn and improve techniques. So I use tools to work with copper and find ways to do it better. And I love to make my own tempera for the icons in bright and warm colours.

I do have a Pinterest page, called IconArtLove, where you can see all of my icons and stories. And I might share my orgonite there as well. I do have websites about my work with people as well, but right now I choose not to connect to that here. I do sell my icons and orgonite, just because people have asked me to do that. It’s not my main goal to produce. But I’ve noticed people get very happy with the things I make. Also because it is all personal and every piece is unique and made with love.

At the moment this website is most of all created to share my stuff in one place, together with my research, writing, etc.