In August 2020 Tom Silver was my guest in the WLTLH podcast series. We talked about hypnosis, the benefits of it and the confusing world around it, his new online trainings, the recently published book about his live and about much more.

Tom Silver is a well known hypnotist, who has been performing hypnosis live on TV shows in the USA for years. He has been travelling the world to share his knowledge, to perform and to train people in Scientific Hypnosis Safety, Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT) and stage hypnosis.

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About the book “Kill the hypnotist”

In the ninetees Tom performed in shows in Taiwan, hypnotising people, live on TV. During the years the shows and the crowds grew bigger. Some years after he’d gone home to the US, he was asked by the Taiwanese government to come back to help solving a complicated crime and big scandal. For years he couldn’t speak about this, because it was all classified information. It was a risky job, using covert hypnosis. Very interesting. Now it’s all in the book.

Most of all I was curious HOW Tom was able to hypnotize people who had secrets they didn’t want to reveil. The book is really informative about this. I have a professional interest, but it’s an exciting story, also for people who are not working in this field. Tom’s own memoires are the basis of this book and it tells about real live events and his personal struggles. This is a fascinating story of struggle, survival and healing. The saga of a man on an extraordinary journey, dealing with loss, guild, addiction, toxic relationships and people wanting to kill him.

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