The word ORGON was formed by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), an Austrian psychiatrist. It means the same as prana, chi, ki, kundalini, life energy or sexual energy. Read more about Wilhelm Reich.

It’s easier to interfere into the darkness with very small pieces, so we don’t need big chunks of expensive stuff. Concrete is good enough.
(Mike Emery, Bubble Tech)

What is orgonite

Orgonite is a name for ’tools’ that increase your life energy and thereby protect you from the charge or radiation from other people, creatures, machines, computers, TV screens, radio or any electronic equipment. It doesn’t really matter what you know about Reich, his history or what he exactly meant. The fact is that orgonite works.

Bubble Tech Fun

Being a curious girl I choose to experiment and try it myself, so some years ago I bumped on the orgonite story again and decided to make some.

With the help of Mike Emery I started and we shared a lot of fun and knowledge and beautiful results online all over the world. I got myself an infrared and violet ray light and made some beautiful ugly bubbles.

I made a cloudbuster and a bunch of towerbusters, which I spreaded all over the area; in gardens, in the dunes, in small ditches, on the beach and in the Northsea. They are not so pretty and look very much like natural.

Sacred geometry

Started to work with resin, made some cones and other experimental stuff. and made jewelry.

I learnt about sacret geometry and how to use metal. Bought myself a gasburner and a vise and made some tensor rings and heddekas.

And interestingly enough, I started to meet people who helped me to get good stuff to use, like the blackmith from South Africa I met in Greece, who fount me a bunch of old style coppewire, laying like junk in the forest. Or the lady who sent me bronze flakes from the UK, from her husbands workshop. Beautiful surprises and cooperation.

Making orgonite

I made pyramids, cones and all kinds of jewelry. People started to see them, wanted to have them, so I started to give and to sell them. And expirimented with all kind of materials. Now I’m also making orgonite 2.0 which is very subtle and small jewelry, with shungit, gold leaf, quartz, gemstones and resin. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

So now I have a collection for you to choose from. And we will give more information about how it works and why.

More information on

towerbusters with gold leaf, shungite, quartz, bronze sand and norwegian wood

Giving and selling organite

Take a look at my shop and you can order online.