I’m the girl that wants to know. I´ve been asking questions all my live, which was not always appreciated by my parents, teachers, partners, collegues or friends. Still I want to KNOW.

And the truth will set you free. (John 8:32)

The truth will set you free, but first will piss you off.

I’ve always been a curious girl

Of course it is insane to assume that we are the only living creatures on this little planet in the big universe. Are this planet and this universe for real? As I’ve always been a dreamer and a daydreamer I’ve experienced flashbacks, deja vu’s, trips, trances, situations and living creatures I knew from somewhere and sometime. Have we been in parallel universes, leaving here, arriving there, time travelling, in and out of bodies, unlimited consciousness, flying around, et cetera. Nothing’s too odd to me.

I’m sure I can walk on water, as only I was able to remember how I did it before.

So I’m fine with weirdos and weird situations, but why the hack all these lies? In my 40 years of research I didn’t realise that many people do not know what I accept as truth and possible, so let me share what I’ve found.

For that I’ve created this VIRTUAL ROOM, this OPEN HOUSE for people who want to THINK and SHARE what they think about.

Better be pissed off than not knowing what the hack is going on. I’m ready!

There’s a lot of information already published online and offline. My job is to collect and share it, with the help of others. I’m not a paid journalist, but I can share information as good as anyone else. And no strings attached to anyone.

The truth may be horrible and worse than we like to have it, but I have to know it all. Even if it’s disgusting to uncover. Everyday we become more aware of how much and how deep we are fooled and programmed.

I don’t need to agree with anything I share, because the most important is that information is shared to anyone. We are able to pick and choose for ourselves and we don’t need others to censor what we adults can deal with.